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Rebekah's Testimonial

Since I was a teenager I’ve longed to smile this big; seen numerous dentists over the years and procrastinated so many times over various straightening options.. I’m so pleased I opted for a cfast !! With having to wait until after my ski trip, (due to the risk of accidents as I’m a complete liability) I thought this day was going to be a long time coming » after just 11 short weeks (&3 days) the brace is off & I’m absolutely elated!!
No more overly whitening my teeth with useless pastes, mouthwashes & bleaching kits - or taking a million photos at different angles to disguise the overcrowding & rotations I was so paranoid about....I can’t wait to be beaming down the aisle in just over 8 months time!! I cannot thank Tanya at enough, what a life changing moment it was seeing my teeth for the first time - this is the most confident I’ve ever felt to smile!! 😁♥️

by Rebekah Robson