Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

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Before and After photos of Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. 

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Forehead Lines

There are two types of Frown lines commonly present on the forehead: those that only appear with expression (dynamic), and those that are present all the time (static).We can help eliminate, or significantly reduce, both. Forehead lines are best treated with muscle-relaxing injections, by reducing the strength of the wrinkles caused by expression, your static lines gradually fade over time. Achieving the desired affect is a subtle balancing act.

Frown Lines

Frown lines appear  between the eyebrows, due to repeated facial expressions such as frowning tend to deepen these lines. Anti-wrinkle treatment can treat frown lines by reversibly relaxing facial muscles to smooth unwanted frown wrinkles and stop deeper lines forming. 

Smile Lines

Smile Lines are wrinkles that are formed around the corner of the eyes that are also known as 'crow’s feet'. They are formed due to loss of skin elasticity with age, weakening of facial muscles and squinting. By having anti wrinkle treatment in the region around the corners of the eyes this prevents the muscles in this area from contracting vigorously during squinting or laughing. This eliminates the 'crow’s feet' effect during facial expression.

Bunny Lines

Bunny Lines are diagonal wrinkles that appear along the side of the nose every time you crinkle up your nose during certain facial expressions such as laughing. They can be treated with anti wrinkle treatment to prevent the contraction of the facial muscles that cause the crinkling of the nose.

Its all about the Brotox 


Before and After photos of Anti-Wrinkle Treatment.

Despite its catchy name Brotox is exactly the same as anti wrinkle treatment. Anti wrinkle treatment for men can subtly diminish lines around the eyes, across the forehead, and between the brows without sacrificing the rugged, masculine look many male patients wish to preserve.

If you are among the thousands of men and women who consider anti wrinkle treatment each year, the first step is to find the right professional. Keep in mind that although anti wrinkle treatment is a relatively simple and quick procedure, you should always work with an experienced, well-trained professional.

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